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با سلام به تمامی دوستان عزیز و گرامی، امروز افتخار دیدار و همنوازی با دوست ارجمند آقای محمد علی کشانی، نوازنده خوب سه تار نصیبم شد، قطعاتی را در افشاری و شور نواختیم که به سمع شما برسد، امیدواریم که از این همنوازی به همان اندازه که لذت بردم شما نیز لذت ببرید و انشاالله در آینده کارهای بیشتری را خدمت حضورتان تقدیم نماییم... با تشکر، شیرزاد شریف

Neema Hekmat & Shirzad Sharif (Duo performance of Santur and Tonbak in Ostad Varzandeh Style)

Nejad, Shirzad Sharif & Mary Ellen Donald

ثبت نام و برگزاری کلاس‌های ضرب نوازی اصیل در تهران، برای اطلاعات بیشتر لطفا با ۰۹۰۱۶۳۳۳۶۲۸ تماس حاصل بفرمایید. با تشکر
Authentic Zarb Lessons being offered in Tehran, for more information please call 09016333628

Shirzad Sharif & Friends - Variations on Sarod & Tombak

Happy Persian New Year!

In celebration of the 1395 Persian New Year, Shirzad made this video, depicting new years (Norooz) preperation in Tehran, Iran.

Released in 2003, this album was Shirzad Sharif's first album and attempt at fusing Persian music with electronica and jazz modes, motifs and forms. The album consists of a stellar lineup of musicians including: Dr. Lloyd Miller, Amir Koushkani, Mark Deutsch, Jef Stott, Noah Waldman, Scott Hill and Shirzad Sharif

Dr. Miller also known to many Persians as Koroush Ali Khan is one of the first jazz innovators who was interested in Eastern music since the 50’s but did not gain fame because he left the scene in 1959 to travel through the orient and to live in Tehran.

While in Europe Miller played with top jazz artists like Don Ellis (where he was inspired by Miller’s Eastern concepts) and Eddie Harris including occasional appearances at the famous Blue Note in Paris where he sat in for Bud Powel to play with Kenny Clark. During his residence in Europe, Miller was prominent in the Stockholm. Frankfurt, Brussels and Paris jazz scenes and played at two major jazz festivals in Belgium.

Miller’s LP album "Oriental Jazz" released in the late 60’s and the three consecutive years he won composer and other trophies at Intercollegiate Jazz Festivals indicate that he was one of first to bring Eastern music ideas to Jazz.

Dr. Miller has always endeavored to retain the highest musical standards of both systems and has refrained from sacrificing either or producing a commercialized blend.

Dr. Miller has spent 8 years in Iran where he recieved his PhD in Persian music which resulted in his work Music and Song in Persia being published by Curzon Press in London in 1999, he also studied with master Daryush Safvat and Karimi and also hosted his own prime-time NIRTV main network jazz show while in Tehran.

Dr. Miller can play 100 instruments in 15 jazz, ethnic and world music traditions.

Below are some memorable recordings from Som'ma Ensemble and Som'ma Dub Ensembles...

For those not in the know, hailing from San Francisco, for many years Som'ma created some of the most creative, authentic, innovative, progressive classically based Persian music ever heard till this day & has been breaking genres, musical boundaries & geographical borders worldwide.

Using the rich Persian classical music foundations and incorporating other musical forms & concepts otherwise foreign or taboo to Persian classical music, for over the last two decade Som'ma has been actively creating amazingly groundbreaking music and projects strongly rooted in Persian classical music while still incorporating modern musical forms and elements such as Jazz instrumentation & modalities, Avant-Garde concepts as well as Persian Dub & Persian Electronica based compositions arranged for Persian classical music.

They toured some of the most sought after venues during the early 2000s hippie revival movement worldwide and bridged western and eastern cultures, ancient and the anew in a psychedelic manner never performed before. Som’ma performances were usually multi-sensory performances, with master visual artists, dancers and musicians all collaborating in unforgettable performances throughout the world.

Highlights include performing primetime for 2 nights on the mainstage in front of 50,000 people at the Iranian Mehregan (Harvest) festival in Orange County as well as numerous other festivals including Earthdance (Ashland, OR), with memorable performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, New York City & Washington, D.C.