Artistic Innovation

Shirzad performs one of the oldest and most authentic styles of Persian drumming which is almost extinct & was strictly within the domain of the Qajar imperial court musicians of Persia.

Since the days of Ostad Hossein Tehrani, the style of Persian drumming was revolutionized, he was the forefather & pioneer of modern tonbak performances, however this evolution was vastly different from the historical drumming rhythms and styles of early Persia, including the Qajar period where we can hear a totally different drumming sensability and style of performance.

Through years of study and research Shirzad has been able to restore the old style of drumming and blend it and create a hybrid of sorts where old and new styles merge, mesh and create a new sound, he also draws from all past performers and is adept in the various masters styles and has picked techniques unique to each of them and uses a nice mix of them all in his style of Zarb performance.