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Persian Percussionist, Zarb, Daf & Tanbur Performer

Shirzad Sharif was born to Iranian \ American parents and was raised in a highly privileged acclaimed musical family in Iran which has nurtured the likes of the Tar ("Persian Lute") Grand Master Ostad Farhang Sharif.

Shirzad was exposed to the intricacies of Persian classical music since early childhood and was fortunate to have studied the Tonbak drum under the supervision of Tonbak Grand Master Ostad Bahman Rajabi in Iran.

Shirzad has his own unique style which he learned from his grandmother and performs one of the oldest and most authentic styles of Persian drumming which was almost extinct & was strictly within the domain of the Qajar imperial court musicians of Persia.

He is largely responsible for restoring and preserving what is known as the Persian music & dance style rhythms. An extremely elaborate art form & body of rhythms, dances & techniques largely ignored over time which is considered a major contribution to art of Tonbak.

The Zarb (ضَرب or ضرب), also tombak, tonbak, donbak, dombak (تنپک, تنبک, دنبک، تمپک),is a goblet drum from Persia (ancient Iran).

It is considered the principal percussion instrument of Persian music.

The tonbak is normally positioned diagonally across the torso while the player uses one or more fingers and/or the palm(s) of the hand(s) on the drumhead, often (for a ringing timbre) near the drumhead's edge.

Sometimes tonbak players wear metal finger rings for an extra-percussive "click" on the drum's shell.

The instrument is also played with all ten fingers, producing rolls using all fingers and also snaps & strikes on the side of the drum that allows for complex rhythmic patterns unique to the Zarb drum amongst all percussion instruments of the world!

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