Persian Fusion Electronica

Som'ma is daringly sensual, The sweet nectar of Som'ma's fusion is seved liberally as they will lather you in honey and then drop haunting Tombak rhythms right onto your pelvic chakrah, it's up to you then whether or not to fall under their spell and become an offering to the gods. -Good Times (Santa Cruz Newspaper)

World Fusion Electronica, is a modern style and genre of music which fuses world music with electronica music, creating a synethisis of ancient and modern, east and west.

Shirzad is one of the early pioneers of Middle Eastern electronica, his works with the Som'ma Ensemble and Som'ma Dub Ensemble (Dubistan) in the year 2001 and beyond has gained him worldwide attention and international acclaim.

Hailing from San Francisco, for many years Som'ma created some of the most creative, authentic, innovative, progressive classically based Persian music ever heard till this day & has been breaking genres, musical boundaries & geographical borders worldwide.

They toured some of the most sought after venues during the early 2000s hippie revival movement worldwide and bridged western and eastern cultures, ancient and the anew in a psychedelic manner never performed before. Som’ma performances were usually multi-sensory performances, with master visual artists, dancers and musicians all collaborating in unforgettable performances throughout the world.

Highlights include performing primetime for 2 nights on the mainstage in front of 50,000 people at the Iranian Mehregan (Harvest) festival in Orange County as well as numerous other festivals including Earthdance (Ashland, OR), with memorable performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, New York City & Washington, D.C.

Som'ma, 2003, Los Angeles, CA

Som'ma 2005, Sausalito, CA

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