Persian Authentic Music - موسیقی اصیل ایرانی

Authentic Music (Asil Music) - The word "asil" is Arabic in origin (in Arabic أصیل ) and means "pure", noble, authentic, or of long pedigree (as in purebred). It is used in several different contexts including music. What does authentic music mean? What kind of music is authentic and why do we call our music Persian authentic music?

In order to fully understand the term, first we need to understand authenticity, authenticity refers to the quality of being authentic. Something that is authentic is not a copy and is the original version. For example an authentic painting is not a forgery or copy of the original, it is an authentic and original piece of work of art. Thus the same topic applies to music, authentic music is the creative manifestation of music at the moment of creation, and authentic music is not a copy and is an original piece of work or art.

Authentic Persian Music is the family tradition of the Sharif family, hours and hours of supreme Persian music was recorded by the grand maestro Ostad Farhang Sharif on the world renown radio Golha program and Taknavazan programs in addition to many world class albums recorded with the best legendary Persian musicians, these archives are readily available and have been gracing Persian ears for over 5 decades. Shirzad also continues this family tradition and considers this style of music his specialty, the music is different from other styles and traditions of Persian music as it symbolizes & represents everything pleasurable about life in the most passionate way possible.

The authentic styles of Persian music do not follow the traditional and typical repertoire of Persian music known as the “radif” and is generally dependent on the technique and improvisational skills of the master musician in creating spontaneous beautiful melodies using their distinctive style which would have had to have been developed long ago over the years. Almost every master musician has their own unique style of performing and sound which allows for greater artistic creativity by the musicians.

Sweetness and Beauty are exalted and sensual Persian melodies are highly desired in order to drive the listener to ecstasy & back. Below are examples of authentic Persian music performed by Shirzad Sharif & his friends, please check this space periodically for updates on these special gem performances as they become available they will be placed here for your enjoyment…